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alert(`Hi,${name} Name is slashed out and its has been deprecated what is another good solution for this

Using Visual Studio Code and ${name} name is deprecated no longer in use what is another good technique

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I Jquery the same with JavaScript as it is with Boostrap 4

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Are you trying to paste the code from the video into a browser console, or are you trying to paste it into a VS Code Node.js terminal?

If it’s the second option, then alert won’t work for that. The alert() function belongs to the browser environment. The function is actually a method on the browser’s window object, and Node.js has no idea what an alert() is.

If it’s the first option, could you offer any more info about the error you’re seeing? ${} is template string syntax and should not show as deprecated. And name is just a variable name, it’s not a property or something that would be deprecated.