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analyn jane calado
analyn jane calado
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clarify me please... what going on?

i can't get the correct answer.

var data = [1,2,3];
var assorted = [1];
var assorted = [2];
var assorted = [3];
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Trace Harris
Trace Harris
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So the second array should have assortment of data types, a number, a stritrng and a boolean value like true or false.

var assorted = [ "Hi my name is", true, 13];

analyn jane calado, try this or Trace Harris

Trace's example should work fine for you.

The challenge wants you to create a second array called assorted and add 3 values to the array, 1 as a string, 1 and a number and 1 and a Boolean.

Where 'I am a string' is a string because it is wrapped in quotes, 1 is a number literal if it were wrapped in quotes it would be a string representation of a number. And the last value of false or true in Trace's example is a Boolean.

var data = [1, 2, 3];

var assorted = ['I am a string', 1, false];