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Fábio Tavares da Costa
Fábio Tavares da Costa
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// Client & Server side project/course <form method="post" action="/signup">


Which course should I go after for a complete making off on both --Client and Server-- sides forms?

Need to implement Sign Up and Contact forms for real and would appreciate a in depth look at the full process for forms.

Thanks in advance!

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Nathan Blair
Nathan Blair
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For the front end: I just completed the courses "HTML Forms" and "Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript" which offer some good in-depth tutorials on building HTML forms and Applications. I recommend starting there.

I think PHP might be best for your contact form since there is a built in "Mail()" function. Here's the documentation for it:

For the backend: You'll need to decide which language appeals most to you to keep a user database for your login system. Popular backend systems often run on Node.js, Ruby on Rails, SQL... there are many choices. Maybe preview them on treehouse and see if one appeals more to you.

Gustavo Buarque
Gustavo Buarque
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Hi Fábio I use "Wampserver", it is a PHP server, you don't need to know PHP to use it. Install and put your files in "wamp/www/" then you can run this exercises that uses AJAX.