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Declare a variable named firstName and initialize it to the string returned from a call to Console.ReadLine().

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    entry firstName ="noel"; 

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Hello Noel,

It seems that you need help understanding how to define variables. Variables have a type, which is defining what kind of data the variable is holding. This could be numbers (int), decimals (float), pieces of text (string), etc. Variables also have a name, which is the name of the variable you use to access the variable. The last thing variables have, and perhaps the most important part, is the value itself the variable is holding.

Type    Name          Value
  |      |              |
  |      |              |
  v      v              v
string firstName = Console.ReadLine();

So, the challenge wants you to define a string variable called firstName that holds whatever the user inputted (Console.ReadLine()).

Put together the pieces and you get:

string firstName = Console.ReadLine();