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Tiffany Der
Tiffany Der
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"Ensure you put the string formatter `%s` in your format string" quiz question #3. how do I put this into syntax?

I'm little confused with question#3
// I have imported for you.  It is a variable called console.
String firstName = "Tiffany";
String lastName = "Der";
console.printf("First name:", firstName);
benoit koch
benoit koch
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String firstName=("Tiffany"); String lastName=("Der"); firstName = console.readLine("%s", firstName); lastName = console.readLine("%s", lastName); console.printf("First name:%s", firstName);

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The token "%s" goes where you want the name to appear in the output string:

console.printf("First name: %s", firstName);

Also, for tasks 1 and 2, you don't need the literal strings. You can just assign the "readLine" result directly:

String firstName = console.readLine();
String lastName = console.readLine();