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Leonardo Reyes
Leonardo Reyes
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{} vs directly calling

Towards the end of the If, Else, Elif video Craig prints...

print("Have a great day {}!".format(first_name))

How come he didn't print...

print("Have a great day", first_name, "!")

Are there times where one is more convenient than the other?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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It's possible that the choice was made because providing multiple arguments to "print" may not have been covered in the course at that point. Or it could be that multiple arguments aren't as widely supported in different (or older) versions of Python. Or it might have just been out of habit.

Rather than either of those methods, I prefer to use the newer formatted string literals (also known as "F-strings"):

print(f"Have a great day {first_name}!")

But there's likely more than one tool in a programmer's toolkit that can do a job, and the choice is often just a matter of programmer preference.