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Seokhyun Wie
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Seokhyun Wie
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(06:20) "git commit" command does not open the NANO text editor on my MacBook Pro

The "git commit" command should open the nano as explained, but I see this message only:

Brandons-MacBook-Pro:medals brandonwie$ git commit On branch master Untracked files: bronze.html

nothing added to commit but untracked files present

**all other procedures are done successfully

James Croxford
James Croxford
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I get the same message trying this myself using workspaces. I rewound the video a little and Jay says:

"Here I've reset my workspace to the state that it was in before the commit, and now I'll run git commit by itself."

So unless you have reset your git to before we committed medals.html, this message will appear, as medals.html is already committed, and we haven't added bronze.html to the staging area yet (aka it is an untracked file). So presumably Jay has just reset his workspace for the purposes of showing this alternate method of committing a file.

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Nelson J
Nelson J
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How do you reset it?