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2-3 GB RAM - does Android Studio make sense?

Hi everyone - my old laptop here has only 2-3 GB RAM. I have other options but I would like to know if it makes any sense at all to try to run Android Studio on it, for example, if I use "power save mode"? Can I just be patient and wait for a few minutes for every little step? I know it sounds like a ridiculous question, but I'm serious. I'd be very grateful for a serious answer. All the best, Diana

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Here are the two things that have actually helped me (I have researched this elsewhere).

Posting it here so it may help others, too:

1 - go to the task manager & give more resources to Android Studio, so it runs faster: right-click and set the priority for Android Studio to high/highest - while closing all other programs, including Chrome, Skype and anything else that may be started up automatically.

2 - optimize Windows: open your control panel: go to system : advanced system settings, advanced: performance: then select the radio button that says "adjust for best performance".

You will notice a definite increase in speed immediately.

Your graphics will probably look worse, but now Android Studio can run even on your old, little turtle laptop.

Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke
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I don't use Android Studio but i use other IDE's and there are multiple ways of getting around this, fortunately Android Studio has made documentation on how you can do this.

Although i recommend upgrading your RAM to a minimum of 6-8 GB, in the meantime you can go through these steps for low memory.

Lastly, the Android Studio course at Treehouse tells you to run an Emulator on your PC/Laptop, i do not recommend this with low memory, so make sure you are comfortable setting up a physical device for debugging.

Thanks a lot, Liam. I'm going to try this.