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3 compile errors I can't find.

Hi. I have spent hours trying to figure out where my 3 mistakes are. I keep reviewing the video frame by frame to ensure I've entered everything as Craig has. These are probably very easy to find for an experienced person. In addition to helping with the errors, If there are pointers someone can share on how to parse the error messages to make them easier to trace to the cause, I would greatly appreciate that. I'm spending hours looking for typos instead of hours learning and practicing java.

Below is a snapshot of my work space, and a copy of my 3 errors

Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx128m
./com/teamtreehouse/ error: ';' expected
./com/teamtreehouse/ error: method promptSongForArtist in class KaraokeMachine cannot be applied to given types;
Song artistSong = promptSongForArtist();
required: String
found: no arguments
reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length
./com/teamtreehouse/ error: cannot find symbol
symbol: variable getTitle
location: variable song of type Song
3 errors

Kristi Marks
Kristi Marks
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On Line 94 you only need one set of parenthesis to call song.getTitle() like:


Make sure you either

  1. Put the calls to your prompt methods in try blocks and catch the exception
  2. Make sure your run method also bubbles those exceptions up(IE throws IOException)

Also, promptSongForArtist expects a String to be passed in and on line 55 you call it without passing artist in.

String artist = promptArtist();
Song artistSong = promptSongForArtist(artist);