CSS Sass Basics Write Smart and Efficient CSS with Sass Color Functions

3-Color-Functions (Mark 6:45), downloaded workspace materials are not aligned as per the video.

It seems that when you download the project files for this lessons by reaching 6:45 Guil proceeds to talk about adding color functions into the VR Website. The project files however only has the 'final' version where usually it should also include a 'start' version which makes this part of the video not easy to follow.

I'm not sure if its meant this way for this video, but I do enjoy coding alongside as Guil explains it in the video.

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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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I've just extracted the files from the downloads and it does contain a directory called color-functions-final directory in the directory aligned for this video.

It's the 3rd video in the section, but the 4th item in the section

3 ------->  3-Color-Function ------> color-functions-start