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<a href="mailto:"> </a> Not working. Any one with answers?

I have tried the creation of the email link but unfortunately, it's not working. I have read the two questions here and tried the suggested solutions but it wouldn't work.

Anyone with the know-how can please help.

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Hey Lucky Chukwuladi Masi,

Don't worry it's very easy to solve, at first I made your same mistake. You should write <a href="mailto:"> </a>. You've forgotten the link for the email. Let me know if it works.

<a href=" "></a></p> @ Alessandro Pizzini, the codes above is the reference code. Or, do you think I have to set up any stuff remotely from my PC?

Seth Barton
Seth Barton
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Hey There!

I'm not sure if this totally breaks the code or not, but I'd get rid of the space between "mailto:" and "blablabla". I know the coding challenge won't accept it with a space there. Also, make sure you have the text you want to click on to start the email in-between the anchor tags.


Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith
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For those using the Mail Application. I was having the same issue and couldn't figure out why. 1) I opened Mail 2) Selected preferences 3) Selected the General tab 4) Default email reader: Mail

*Make sure Mail is selected if you are wanting the click event to open a new email in Mail