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Christopher J Doyle
Christopher J Doyle
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A little confused on this one. The example in the video is a little different and it's throwing me off where to start

Where do I start? with the variable first then create the while loop?

let numbers = [2,8,1,16,4,3,9]
var sum = 0
var counter = 0

// Enter your code below
Sohail Basha
Sohail Basha
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The while loop in the video looks something like this

var x = 0
while x <= 20 {
  // do something

You don't have to create a variable x in this case. It already gives you a counter so use that in your condition for the while loop.

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Clark Reilly
Clark Reilly
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You don't need any more variables, you have everything you need already. You just need a while-loop that's tied to the counter variable. You don't need to worry about adding the numbers at this point. Just increment the counter variable while it is less than numbers.count (since arrays start at 0, array.count is always the last index + 1).

If you're really stuck, see below for a working solution.

// This is a working solution
while counter < numbers.count {
  counter += 1