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Chris Gaona
.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
Chris Gaona
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Graduate 31,350 Points

A piece of Node.js app works on local machine but not when deployed to Heroku

I've been working on my application and have been deploying it to Heroku after everything that i do to make sure that what I've done still works in production. Everything has been working fine until my recent changes. I've checked to make sure all my dependencies are installed and they are. I have two pieces of code where one works in production and the other does not, but they both work fine on my local machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The following code does work in production:

router.post('/postitem', upload.single('pic'), function(req, res) {

    //rename image file to be computer's original file name
    fs.renameSync(req.file.destination + req.file.filename, req.file.destination + req.file.originalname);

    //Code for posting to json file
    var imageText = req.file.originalname;
    var titleText = req.body.title;
    var newThing = { //new object
      "image": "/static/images/" + imageText,
      "text": titleText

    //location of JSON file
    if (req.body.select === 'garbage') {
        var file = './public/json/garbage.json';
        var classItem = "garbage-items";
    } else if (req.body.select === 'recycle') {
        var file = './public/json/recycling.json';
        var classItem = "recycle-items";
    } else if (req.body.select === 'greenwaste') {
        var file = './public/json/greenwaste.json';
        var classItem = "greenwaste-items";

    //code for search.json
    var fileSearch = './public/json/search.json';

    var newSearchItem = { //object for search add
        "title" : titleText,
        "class" : classItem,
        "keywords" : ""

    //Read JSON file for adding search items
    var readFile = fs.readFileSync(fileSearch);
    //parse JSON file
    var parseFile = JSON.parse(readFile);
    //push new item to JSON
    //stringify file back to JSON format
    var stringifyFile = JSON.stringify(parseFile, null, 4);
    //Write new JSON to file
    fs.writeFileSync(fileSearch, stringifyFile);

    //Read main JSON file for adding items
    var configFile = fs.readFileSync(file);
    //parse JSON file
    var config = JSON.parse(configFile);
    //push new item to JSON
    if (req.body.select === 'garbage') {
    } else if (req.body.select === 'recycle') {
    } else if (req.body.select === 'greenwaste') {
    //stringify file back to JSON format
    var configJSON = JSON.stringify(config, null, 4);
    //Write new JSON to file
    fs.writeFileSync(file, configJSON, function (err){
        if (err) throw err;
        req.flash('message', 'Success! Item Added!')

    //add flash message...should maybe add if successful show this

The following code does not work in production and it is pretty much the same thing. Again, it does work on my local machine though. I'm using npm Multer in this code so I'm not sure if I'm maybe using it wrong or something.

router.post('/postblog', upload.single('image'), function(req, res) {

    //rename file to be name from local computer
    fs.renameSync(req.file.destination + req.file.filename, req.file.destination + req.file.originalname);

    //Code for posting to json file...uses name="" in html form
    var imageWords = req.file.originalname;
    var titleWords = req.body.name;
    var postLink = req.body.name.replace(/\s+/g, '-');
    var paragraph = req.body.blogpost;
    var author = req.body.author;
    var date = req.body.date;
    var keywords = req.body.keywords;

    var newPost = { //new post object
        "title": titleWords,
        "link": postLink, //replace spaces with - (dash) 
        "paragraph": paragraph,
        "author": author,
        "date": date, //transform to different date format
        "picture": "/static/images/" + imageWords,
        "keywords": ""
    //location of JSON file
    var postFile = './public/json/blogs.json';

    //Read JSON file
    var configPost = fs.readFileSync(postFile);
    //parse JSON file
    var parsePost = JSON.parse(configPost);
    //push new item to JSON
    //stringify file back to JSON format
    var stringifyPost = JSON.stringify(parsePost, null, 4);
    //Write new JSON to file
    fs.writeFileSync(postFile, stringifyPost)

    console.log(req.body.name.replace(/\s+/g, '-'));

    req.flash('message2', 'Success! Blog Post Added!');

Thank you in advance!!!

1 Answer