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access denied !! (yikes)

after I created a new password, stored that password, and refreshed phpMyAdmin (after noticing no change had been made indicating if a password had been set) I was denied access.

#1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.`

where can i go to check this stuff?

oh man, I'm developing an ULCER.. i don't even know how to describe what I did to hope to find where I went wrong! ugh... let me see:

from the <strong>Database Foundations</strong> course, I installed the MySQL stand alone deal, created a password and "stored it in the 'vault'" (whatever "vault" means, if I could find it, I could see what change I made).

I skipped ahead to Randy's course, <strong>Using PHP with MySQL</strong> and got the phpMyAdmin panel through XAMPP and went to create a password as he described. But I didn't realize this would CONFLICT with what I did the other day, and now I can't figure what, or where to go.

Neither of the 2 passwords I created work for the MySQL standalone (which I had no issue gaining access before messing about in phpMyAdmin). Under the Config button of MySQL in the XAMPP Control Panel there's a file called <strong>my.ini</strong> where I opened and added the "newer" password in that file and saved it... but nothing. (if I made it even worse doing THAT, i'll just.. i'll just... i don't know what!)

Good Lord, I'm buggin out now (if u can tell) because that's all Folks! until I can clear this up, I'm "Off Track" ("Track".. get it?)

Please, let there be understanding & therefor advice. Thank You everyone!

What's your operating system?

Windows 8.1

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Hi Byron,

I haven't been in Win8 with XAMPP for quite awhile. I've converted to Debian Linux. I think the least painful remedy will be uninstalling XAMPP and then re-installing. As I recall I had no problems with XAMPP. I even found it quite simple to set up multiple virtual hosts. If I recall, when I installed XAMPP I didn't set any password. Since this setup is only for development I wouldn't be too worried about passwords.


i wondered if uninstalling and reinstalling would be the route..

I also wondered if avoiding passwords altogether would be painless considering mine are development needs only.

Thank you again Dr. Frank ;)

I'll let You know how things go!

That worked.. simply uninstall everything and reinstall. Tedious as all get-up, but I can now get back on track.

"Tedious", like the goings-on of our hero in the movie "Edge Of Tomorrow", which I watched while I was re-doing all this stuff. Appropriate now that I think about it. (Cool movie too. Someone's got to add it to the treehouse-movie-db schema.. or what's-it-called -- it seems I've got alot of learning to do here)

OKAY everyone, back to normal. As You Were! I'm good here. Thank you.