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JavaScript Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript Traversing and Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript Perform: Modifying Elements

chris slaats
chris slaats
5,996 Points

Add button not working properly

hey for this Todo app im up to the part of adding new tasks. Unfortunately my add button isn't working properly. Every time i press the add button i am getting an error code.

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function.

In regards these two functions, createNewTaskElement on line 12 and addTask on line 51

I'm sure it is just something small that ive over looked and any help would be greatly apreciated, thank you.

//problem: user interation doesnt provide desired results 
//soltuion: add interactivity so the user can manage daily tasks

var taskInput = document.getElementById("new-task"); //new-task
var addButton = document.getElementsByTagName("button")[0];     //firs button
var incompleteTaskHolder =   document.getElementById("incomplete-tasks"); //incomplete-tasks
var completeTasksHolder = document.getElementById("completed-tasks"); //completed-tasks

//new task list item
var createNewTaskElement = function (taskString) {
  //create list item
  var listItem = Document.createElement("li");

    //input (checkbox)
    var checkBox = Document.createElement("input"); //checkbox
    var label = Document.createElement("label");
    //input (text)
    var editInput = Document.createElement("input");
    var editButton = Document.createElement("button");
    var deleteButton = Document.createElement("button");

    //each element needs modifying

    checkBox.type = "checkbox";
    editInput.type = "text";

    editButton.innerText = "Edit";
    editButton.class = "edit";
    deleteButton.innerText = "Delete";
    deleteButton.class = "delete";

    label.innerText = taskString;

    //each element needs appending

        return listItem;

//add a new task
var addTask = function () {
  console.log("add task...");
  //create a new list item with the text from the #new-task
  var listItem = createNewTaskElement(taskIncomplete.value);

  //append listItem to incompleteTaskHolder
  bindTaskEvents(listItem, taskCompleted)

//edit an existing task
var editTask = function (){
  console.log("edit task...");
  //when the edit button is pressed
    //if the class of the parent is .editMode
      //switch from .editMode
      //label text become the inputs value
      //switch to .editMode 
      //input value becomes the labels text

  //toggel .editMode on the parent

//delete an existing task
var deleteTask = function(){
  console.log("delete task...");
  var listItem = this.parentNode;
  var ul = listItem.parentNode;
   //remove the parent list item from the ul


//mark a task as complete 
var taskCompleted = function() {
  console.log("task complete...");
    //append the task list item to the #completed-tasks
    var listItem = this.parentNode
    bindTaskEvents(listItem, taskIncomplete);

//mark a task as incomplete
var taskIncomplete = function(){
  console.log("task incomplete...");
    //append the list item to the #incomplete-tasks
    var listItem = this.parentNode
    bindTaskEvents(listItem, taskCompleted);


var bindTaskEvents = function (taskListItem,     checkBoxEventHandler) {
  console.log("Bind list item events");
    //select taskListItem's children
    var checkBox =     taskListItem.querySelector("input[type=checkbox]");
    var editButton = taskListItem.querySelector("button.edit");
    var deleteButton = taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete");

        //bind the editTask to edit button
        editButton.onclick = editTask;

        //bind the deleteTask to delete button
        deleteButton.onclick = deleteTask;

        //bind the checkBoxEventHandler to checkbox
        checkBox.onchange = checkBoxEventHandler; 

//set the click handler to the addTask function
addButton.onclick = addTask;

//cycle over incompleteTaskHolder ul list items
for (i = 0; i < incompleteTaskHolder.children.length; i++) {
    //bind events to list items children (taskCompleted)
    bindTaskEvents(incompleteTaskHolder.children[i], taskCompleted);

//cycle over completeTasksHolder ul list items
for (i = 0; i < completeTasksHolder.children.length; i++) {
    //bind events to list items children (taskIncompleted)
    bindTaskEvents(completeTasksHolder.children[i], taskIncomplete);

2 Answers

Well, taking a closer look at your code, I changed the "Document" references to "document" when creating those new elements and now the add button works; however, it's going to return "undefined" until you wire up the "editTask" function.

chris slaats
chris slaats
5,996 Points

that was it thank you very much

No problem, Chris! If you get too frustrated on anything else, especially about this program, you can post back here, or make a new question. Happy coding!

Hey chris slaats,

I think at least one part of the error you're seeing is from your 4th line down, when you initialize your completeTasksHolder. In the string portion of getElementById where you are naming the id you'd like to get, you have spaces in between "completed-tasks" when there should be none. Delete that space in between "completed-" and "tasks" and see if that did the trick.

chris slaats
chris slaats
5,996 Points

thanks for the comment but unfortunately that wasnt the problem as that was an accident when posting the code and wasnt actually in my program :\