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Samuel Igborgbor
Samuel Igborgbor
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Add properties to an object

Add three properties to this object: population with a value of 2.211e6 (that's 2.211 million using exponential notation), a latitude property with a value of '48.8567 N', and a longitude property with a value of '2.3508 E'.

var paris = {
population = 2.211e6,
latitude = '48.8567 N',
longitude = '2.3508 E',  
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Shay Paustovsky
Shay Paustovsky
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Hi Samuel,

Objects in JavaScript are a way to group related data into one easily managable unit.

Objects in JavaScript are stored inside a variable with an object literal.

var paris = {
// '{ } - is an object literal symbol/notation '

Properties of an object are stored as either :

  1. (Key) : (Value) pairs
  2. (Property) : (Value) pairs
var paris = {
population : 2.211e6,
latitude : '48.8567 N',
longitude : '2.3508 E'  

So I'm assuming you have learned some CSS. In CSS properties are written using (property : value) pairs, the same as in JavaScript.

Hopefully I've solved your problem

~ Shay ~

Greg Kaleka
Greg Kaleka
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Just stopping in to say, great answer :blush: