Python Write Better Python Cleaner Code Function and Class Whitespace

Add the correct amount of whitespace between the functions, between the functions and the class, and before the class me

How do you get white spaces out of line 11.
def first_function(arg1):
    return 'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1)

def second_function(arg1):
    return 'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1)

class MyClass:
        args = [1, 2, 3]

        def class_func(self):
            return self.args

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Eric M
Eric M
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The only issue I have with copying and pasting your code into the challenge is that it needs a newline at the end.

If you have whitespace in a blank line though you can just go to that line, hit the end key to move to the end of the line and press shift+home to select everything on the line, then hit backspace. That will delete whatever's on the line.