PHP PHP Basics Unit Converter Manipulating Numbers

adding and sumbtracting

Create Two Integer Variables - The first will be named $integerOne with a value of 1 and the second will be named $integerTwo with a value of 2

Create a New Float Variable named $floatOne with a value of 1.5.

ADD 5 to integer 1 SUBTRACT 1 from integer 2


//Place your code below this comment
$integerOne = 1 +5;
var_dump($integerOne +5);
$integerTwo = 2;
var_dump($integerTwo -1);
$floatOne = 1.5;

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There is a note in the challenge:

Important: In each task of this code challenge, the code you write should be added to the code from the previous task.

which doesn't mean modify the code for task 1. You will need to keep the code for task 1 in addition to the code for task 2