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Michael Bragg
Michael Bragg
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Adding director, imdb_rating, and imdb_ranking

attempting to add the three keys to the $movie array

$movie = array(
  "title" => "The Empire Strikes Back",
  "year" => 1980,
  "director" => "Irvin Kershner",
  "imdb_rating => 8.8.,
  "imdb_ranking" => 11. )


<h1><?php echo $movie["title"], $movie[year], $movie["director"], $movie["imdb_rating"], $movie["imdb_ranking"];?></h1>

    <td>Robert Zemeckis</td>
    <th>IMDB Rating</th>
    <th>IMDB Ranking</th>

1 Answer

You are missing a quote after "imdb_rating

You also don't need the periods after 8.8 and 11