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James Barrett
James Barrett
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Adding Jekyll to existing websites

Hi there,

I am fairly new to understanding how Jekyll works, so please excuse me if this seems like a fairly odd question!

I am looking to use Jekyll on an existing website that uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. My website has a blog section and I wish to use Jekyll to update the content easily, I am not sure what directories to copy and paste over to my website and where to start!

Any point in the right direction would be great! (I am only a few lessons into learning Jekyll, if it will become more clear to me down the line please let me know :-))

Thanks, James.

Jose Galan
Jose Galan
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With Jekyll you don;t need Javascript and PHP. So, I would advise you to rebuild your website based on Jekyll if the only thing you provide in it (apart from the static content) are blogs; if you have dynamic content then stick to PHP and Javascript. You cannot mix both Javascript & PHP together with Jekyll.