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Jiten Mehta
Jiten Mehta
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Adding new elements to the DOM code challenge

Hi guys, I can't see where I'm going wrong here.

The code challenge is asking me to add in a new li element containing the student name Sam Smith using Jquery.

When I preview the HTML, the name has been added to the ul. Why do I keep failing?


This is the code I put in

const $newStudent = $('.student-list').append('<li>Sam Smith</li>');

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Louise St. Germain
Louise St. Germain
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Hi Jiten,

The challenge is expecting that the variable $newStudent contain only the new element created, and that you will then use that variable name to append it to the list.

If you got to step 2 of the challenge, I assume that you correctly figured out the first part, creating the new element:

const $newStudent = $('<li>Sam Smith</li>');

So from here, just add a second line where you append $newStudent to the class .student-list, like in the video Adding New Elements to the DOM. In other words, just break your previous code into two steps.

I hope this helps!