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Ah! Help..

I can't help but feel a bit discouraged at times. I find this pretty daunting, like learning a new language from the future, and i've only just started. I would really like to know that i'm not alone out there. Is this one of those things where you either have it or you don't?

Hi there Reece! You are right, it is excatly like learning a new, often foreign language. And while a few people might get it almost instantaneously, I think it's pretty fair to say most of us don't! Also, just as with learning languages, it's rarely a constant process: at times it will feel like you're flying and learning and assimilating elements very quickly, while at other times it will feel like you're stagnating. This is all normal and part of the course so when things get tough, remember that if you persevere, it will get better eventually and that even if it doesn't feel like it, you are still making progres :)

As others here have done already, I'd also recommend watching some videos over if you feel you didn't get a concept. Or remember you can ask questions here on the forum 24/7: from what I can see, you are bound to get an answer pretty quickly. And take as little or as much time as needed: it's not a race, we're all different and we're all learning at different speeds.

Oh, and just something I like to do: when I reach about a third, or the middle point, of a given course, I continue as normal but after each new lesson I also go back to the old ones: this helps me both realize how much progress I have made since those early lessons seem so easy all of a sudden, but also helps fix things in the long-term memory. You will also find that some details that might have bugged you back then will suddenly make a lot more sense thanks to the new knowledge you've acquired since then

Thanks Sandrine! This is all definitely what I needed :)

5 Answers

Stone Preston
Stone Preston
42,016 Points

Like anything, it takes practice. Anyone can learn this stuff, however it may come easier for some and harder for others. If you are having difficulties, id suggest watching the video more than once. If you dont understand something, you dont want to move on until you get it. There are tons of questions posted on the forum everyday by people who are stuck or who dont understand something so I can assure you you are not alone. Everyone has difficulties at some point while learning.

Thiam Hock Ng
Thiam Hock Ng
22,131 Points

Hi Reece, I felt like you back then when I try to learn HTML. I gave up after several attempts and only continue and persist when I started treehouse. From my experience, the beginning is one of the toughest stage one has to overcome. This period can last for days or even weeks and many have given up during this stage. Only those who can persist can continue on to be a amateur web designer/developer, who can create a fully functional websites or web applications, but might not be in the most efficient way. In my opinion, Treehouse is well-positioned to help anyone to go past the beginner stage because of projects. Having to do a project will increase the motivation of your learning. It will be even better if you can have your own projects that you want to do.

Finally, if you think that HTML is tough, you might want to try WordPress courses first. Some of them do not require any coding by making use of what is being given by WordPress. Most importantly, it really depends on what are your objectives in learning in Treehouse.

It's one of those things where you stick with it or you don't. Being good with colors/design's is a you get it or you don't like me i just don't. But as far as learning it doesn't matter if you get it right away you just go back and re-learn when you need to do something. For example if something required a lot of complex gradient's and you didn't know how to do it you just go back and re-watch video's. Knowing what you need and watching a video is better than memorizing syntax. I go back and re-learn thing's all the time

Yeah..I should definitely go back over some things. Maybe i'm going through it too quick.

Thank you very much. In all honesty, web designing is something i've always wanted to learn. I have business' I am hoping to start in the near future and would love to be able to code my very own website. Plus, the money to be made in web designing has caught my attention, I must admit. I will stick with it for now. Thanks for your words, Thiam.

Damian Ison
Damian Ison
6,398 Points

Hi Reece,

Mate I know what your thinking and talking about. Doing some of the examples and just starting out, it is like a new language. Hang in their and keep being persistence. I know a few times in doing the code, there has been a slight error and I couldn't find it and I wanted to rip hair out, but don't fear just keep going and it gets better. Like you, I also have my own business ideas and want to create my webpages for the business so your not alone at all.

People here seem very friendly and will help you out so you should keep going.

March in Fortune - Damian

Cheers Damian! Yeh, people here seem cool for sure. I will definitely keep at it. Thanks for the encouragement, mate.