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Jihong Min
Jihong Min
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Almost done but stuck... please help!

The complier keeps giving me this msg and I don't know what to do from here. " Make sure the results array contains the first 10 multiples of 6"

// Enter your code below
var results: [Int] = []

for multiplier in 1...10 { 
   results = [multiplier * 6]

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Rogier Nitschelm
Rogier Nitschelm
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You are currently reassigning the results variable in every iteration. This means that the result will be:

[6] // first iteration
[12] // second iteration
[18] // third iteration
# ...
[60] // and eventually

This means the result will be [60] (the last assignment inside the loop).

Instead of trying to reassign the results-variable in every iteration, you want to add an element to it in every iteration. See if you can use the .append method to do this. Instead of results = [...]