Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Even or Odd Loop

am getting a 'Task one no longer passing' message after writing up the last task of the odd_even challenge

I have tried writing the code below the function or above it but still the same message .Please help am behind time in terms of progress.
import random
start = 5
while start:
    fig = random.randint(1,99)
    if even_odd(fig):
        print("{} is even").format(fig)
        print("{} is odd").format(fig)
    start -= 1

def even_odd(num):
    # If % 2 is 0, the number is even.
    # Since 0 is falsey, we have to invert it with not.
    return not num % 2

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Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 35,921 Points

Hi Clainos,

You have two issues in your code.

First, your while loop occurs before your function definition. When the interpreter first hits your while loop, it hasn't yet seen your even_odd function definition, so when you call even_odd in your loop, Python doesn't know what even_odd means. The fix for this is simply to move your whole while block down below your function definition.

The other issue is the location of the closing parenthesis for your print statements. format() is a method on the string, so it should occur immediately after the closing quotes. Then after the closing parenthesis of format, you then add the closing parenthesis for the print statement.

Hope that's clear


thanks was becoming frustrated