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jun cheng wong
jun cheng wong
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An alternative way to clear the input after clicking the button [addItemInput.textContent = 'none';]

Can I set the .textContent to none as an alternative to Guil's approach to set the value to ' '?

const toggleList = document.getElementById('togglelist');
const listDiv = document.querySelector('.list');
const descriptionInput = document.querySelector('input.description');
const descriptionP = document.querySelector('p.description');
const descriptionButton = document.querySelector('button.description');
const addItemInput = document.querySelector('input.addItemInput');
const addItemButton = document.querySelector('button.addItemButton');

toggleList.addEventListener('click', () => {
    if( == 'none'){
        toggleList.textContent = 'Hide list'; = 'block';
    } else {
        toggleList.textContent = 'Show list'; = 'none';

descriptionButton.addEventListener('click', () => {
    descriptionP.innerHTML = descriptionInput.value + ':';      

addItemButton.addEventListener('click', () => {

    let ul = document.getElementsByTagName('ul')[0];
  let li = document.createElement('li');
    li.textContent = addItemInput.value;
    addItemInput.textContent = 'none';


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Peter Vann
Peter Vann
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Hi Cheng!

Unfortunately, not that would not work.

This code: = 'none';

will hide the listDoc (and completely remove it from the DOM flow)

(because display is a CSS style property)

however, this code:

addItemInput.textContent = 'none';

would not hide addItemInput - it would change its text to 'none'.

The way to clear it is to set the textContent to an empty string, such as '' or "".

More info:

I hope that helps.

Stay safe and happy coding!