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anchor tag

how do i set the anchor tag to go back to the top of the page

    <title>My trip to Spain</title>

    <img src="images/spain.jpg">
    <p>Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!</p>
    <p> <a href="!#top>">Go back to the top of the page.</a></p>


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Ryan Groom
Ryan Groom
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Lucia Shimwetheleni Hey Lucia, you're extremely close. Remove the "!" and you should have your solution. an <a href="#top">Go back to top of page</a> should work for you! Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

Bashar Ghadanfar
Bashar Ghadanfar
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Hi Lucia Shimwetheleni

The top element should have the attribute id="top".

And your anchor element should have the attribute href="#top".

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You just need to add this one to your anchor tag: href='#'