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JavaScript Object-Oriented JavaScript (2015) Constructor Functions and Prototypes Making the UI Work

mark scholes
mark scholes
9,343 Points

Andrew is doing way to much in each video.

IMO Andrew needs to chop this video, and many of the previous videos, up into separate videos with challenges in-between. There is no way I will be able to know how to do this when tasked to do it on my own. Additionally, it would be helpful if, at ever stage, he explained why it is he is doing it in the way in which he is.

I understand that it is hard to make a set of tutorials that suit every level of understanding but, as this is one of the early videos in the track, it would be beneficial if more time was taken on the subject; with each step being explained as we go. That way the people who fully understand it will zip through it and everyone else will understand what he is doing and why he is doing it.

10 Answers

Thomas Santoro
Thomas Santoro
4,007 Points

No, Andrew failed here to properly explain and parse out everything that he was doing. I've been sailing through the Full Stack JavaScript track without any hiccups. I've even had some prior exposure to OOP (in a limited way).
This lesson is a departure from all the rest of the track. The overall subject is appropriate for this level, as Mark correctly noted. But as Alexander D. says, only a more advanced JavaScript student can follow it in the manner presented. Teamtreehouse needs to rethink the presentation of this section.

Joe Consterdine
Joe Consterdine
13,965 Points

I think you guys need to be careful when marking courses down as beginner JS lessons. This course is definitely for intermediate JS students.

I went over this course about 6 months ago and got frustrated at a lot of the content because it was brushing over a lot of stuff and going way too fast.

I went away and learn more of the basics and now it makes a lot more sense.

So for anyone struggling I recommend going away and learning about JS in more detail. Spend a good few months building things like to do lists etc.

Then come back.

I agree. The pace of this course is much faster than Andrew's jquery course for example. I find myself going through the motions with him but I'm not sure I'm understanding. We were going over constructors and prototypes then boom we're building a playlist and the constructors and prototypes are all but built out and we're just hacking this stuff together. Most importantly, I'm trying to fix my own mistakes using the developer console and having trouble doing so. I got to the end when we finally previewed after nearly 15 edits and I'm getting "lists" is not defined. Doing my best to troubleshoot but short of starting the video over and going through the motions again I'm out of options.

edit figured out I missed adding list parameter to the

Playlist.prototype.renderInElement = function(list) { }

Darshan Patel
Darshan Patel
5,129 Points

Mark I couldn't agree with you more mate!

Andrew is going way too fast and is going through A LOT of stuff... going beyond the scope of prototype, by this I mean that not only has he declared a number of prototypes and an object but he has also incorporated "if statement", "loops" etc, and separate .js files - all of this together has the made the video really hard and confusing to follow(especially that he has separate files makes its really confusing for me).

It would also help a lot if he was to explain each line of code in terms of WHY(this one is very important when it comes to learning!!!) and WHAT it does.

About half way through the first video it started to get confusing and then about a half way through the second video I actually switched off!!

If this OOP course or the Prototype part for the course is for intermediate/advance level then there needs to be an initial beginner course, if not for OOP then at LEAST for "Prototype".

Please Team Treehouse can you improve this course or add a new course to the track or library!

Michael Lauridsen
Michael Lauridsen
10,321 Points

Indeed! These last two videos gave me grey hair. I could follow along and type it out on my own, but I had a limited understanding of everything. I've read every question in here because I was so lost. We just learned what a prototype is, and suddenly you're supposed to know how to use it in your sleep. This was more of a demonstration than a tutorial and should have been titled 'Watch Andrew code'. The seperation of playlist and app took me quite a long time to figure out how the hell .play(); actually worked, and how it was referencing all the way back to the Song object, through a new instance that's pushed into the Playlist array. That could and should have been explained in the video.

I feel like Andrew often takes a long time to explain the simple things while he just speeds through the actual hard parts. I'd rather watch a video double the length and understand what's going on, than watch a short video and then have to google every step of it.

I like Andrew but in general his courses are very hard to follow. As previous students said, steps should be more simple. So hard to follow! I had to watch the constructor videos multiple times and only when I've read a students explanation it became clear.

lol i'm so lost i feel like i'm just copying what he did in each video but have no idea what i'm typing even. i think i'll just revisit as joe recommended but treehouse seriously needs to consider updating this course entirely.

This course is for more advanced JavaScript students.

mark scholes
mark scholes
9,343 Points

I disagree this video is part of the introduction to objects and OOP. That is not an advanced level that is beginner stuff and my point is that it is not being explained in enough detail, nor are there challenges that test that what has been shown has been understood.

You can give feedback to every video and quiz. When the video ends, you will see an option 'rate this video'. Click on it and give feedback. Let treehouse know.

Tanner Cruiseship
Tanner Cruiseship
5,707 Points

Yeah this guy is all over the place. I'm done with these tracks and I'm just going to watch random javascript videos.