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Animating the Answer

Below the TextView line, declare an AlphaAnimation variable named fadeOutAnimation. Use the AlphaAnimation constructor that takes two parameters: the start alpha and end alpha values. Set the start alpha parameter as completely opaque and the end alpha parameter as completely transparent.

4 Answers

At least give some people some kind of effort on your own part to do the questions. Don't just copy them to the forum and expect people to tell you the answers without you trying yourself. That's not the way you are going to learn and understand the principles.

Also you could have added these 3 posts into 1.


Hi Adam. It is my account but I bought subscription for my 18 year old son Stipe. He has been trying to find out answers by himself for weeks with no luck. I told him that he should ask on forum for help. If he can't find out how to understand and resolve problems I don't see any point to continue with team tree house education. Can you suggest how he should work and progress?

Best regards


I haven't done anything with Android so I wouldn't be able to advise on a way to get a better grasp. If he tags the tutor in a post it will let the tutor know he has a message and they will respond. To tag someone just us the (@) and type the name. Perhaps he could start with Basic HTML, CSS then move onto Javascript that would give a better grasp on languages and maybe better prep him for Android courses.

I wasn't having a go in my earlier comment, it's just easier to guide people if you know they understand the subject at hand and can also see what they have tried thus far to do what they desire.

Thanks Adam

His plan was to learn Android. I told him that he should learn Java first. He did start with Javascript by mistake because he thought it is the same thing. I can't help him because I don't understand Java or Android. I would like to know how should I guide him. Should he continue with Android or is it better to start something which could help him later with Android?



I would start with simpler things first to get to know how to present structure to projects and coding in general. Below are a few links on getting started with Android which use Java and must not be mistaken for Javascript these are totally different things.

link 1 link 2 link 3

On Treehouse the content seems to be geared towards web development with things like html, css, javascript, php, ruby on rails, console training and design. Then they have the Android and iOS the only things I have no knowledge of yet.

The Android courses on Treehouse start from absolute beginner so if he isn't picking it up from here I don't know what to suggest other than trying the videos again and again until it sticks, move over to web development for a while to get used to things then move back to Android.

Good Luck

Ben Jakuben
Ben Jakuben
Treehouse Teacher

Sorry for the late reply! As Adam mentioned, the intent is to guide people with no programming experience. It can certainly be hard and frustrating at times, but hopefully your son sticks with it. I've heard some students say it helps to go through the whole course and then do it a second time to really understand it better. Let us know how we can help!

Andrew Goddard
Andrew Goddard
40,807 Points

Hi Robert,

Did your son get the help he was looking for?

I struggled with this initially too - the phrasing of the questions on this topic usually lead you on what you need to type out in your code but this one was a slight trick because, looking back at the video, I realised you needed to set the variable out as "new".

See if he can suss out the answer from another watch of the video but it's below if not:

```AlphaAnimation fadeOutAnimation = new AlphaAnimation(1, 0);

Also, if he wants to learn Android apps first, there's no reason why he shouldn't - it doesn't seem to me like Treehouse is saying Java should come after HTML or any other "easier" starting point, so he should follow what he's interested in, and whatever keeps him learning.

Good luck,