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anyone can help me with this i will appreciate

this quiz
// I've imported for you.  It is stored in a variable called console for you.
String name=console.readLine("name");
String pastTenseVerb=console.readLine("past Tense Verb");
String realy=console.readLine("realy");

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Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
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Hi there,

The first two lines are prompting the user to enter a name then a past tense verb and storing that input in the two named variables. Something like:

String name = console.readLine("Enter your/a name: ");
String pastTenseVerb = console.readLine("Enter a past tense verb: ");

After that, you want to output a string using what the user just entered, which is stored in your two variables. To do this, you use the %s placeholder where you want to insert the contents of that variable. You can do this multiple times - but you must pass in the right number of variables after the string to fill all the placeholders.

The string is "<name> really <ptverb> this coding exercise". So, instead of the two variables, switch those for %s. Then, after the string, pass in name first, then pastTenseVerb. That looks like:

console.printf("%s really %s this coding exercise", name, pastTenseVerb);

I hope that makes sense.