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Anyone help me to fix most_course function ?

Wow, I just can't stump you! OK, two more to go. I think this one's my favorite, though.

Create a function named most_courses that takes our good ol' teacher dictionary.

most_courses should return the name of the teacher with the most courses. You might need to hold onto some sort of max count variable.

I dont know where im wrong ?
# The dictionary will look something like:
# {'Andrew Chalkley': ['jQuery Basics', 'Node.js Basics'],
#  'Kenneth Love': ['Python Basics', 'Python Collections']}
# Each key will be a Teacher and the value will be a list of courses.
# Your code goes below here.

def num_teachers(teachers):
    return len(teachers)
def num_courses(teachers):
    res = 0
    for key in teachers:
        res += len(teachers[key])
    return res
def courses(teachers):
    listT = []
    for value in teachers.values():
        for val in value:
    return listT

def most_courses(teachers):
    maxcourse = 0
    maxname   = ''

    for name in teachers.key():
        if maxcourse < len(teachers[name]): 
            maxcourse = len(teachers[name])
            maxname = name
    return maxname 

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Stuart Wright
Stuart Wright
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All of your logic is good, you just have a syntax error:


Should be: