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Python Python Basics Meet Python Variables

are not there any better courses than Craig's? I am more tired and confused after each lesson.

I would like to write that as a feedback, but.. I remember I learnt how to create website with html by Nick Petit, at that time I didnt have clue what was coding or anything related to it.

now I have general idea how coding works, that I am talking to computer, giving orders with its own language, etc, etc. but Nick's lessons was too simple to understand when I didnt know about meaning of the coding, and Craig's lessons are just too tired, with too much extra talking, when I need to focus what he says and I am wasting my focused mind on his chit-chat, wasting my time, and once he says something important he just doesnt explain well, or he is using too much extra sentences, and it is becoming more confusing because his chit-chat just makes more tired. okey, he is writing in workspace, once I will be done with that lesson, where should I write those codes to work, how to use them? I wont have those workspaces in pc right? or what are we going I cant understand, if I know reasons why are we writing those codes, and if I could see results it would be more understandable. it seems to I see results but i cant understand how is that possible to be a result? or what the hell is that video lessons are aiming for?

you read whatever I write right know, and u think wtf is he writing? he is explaining simply, this guy can see results in video, Craig is explaining what are we doing. right? but imagine even when I see all of this still I am confused, I couldnt bring in words whatever I think, and I wrote maybe only 10% of my confusion. my mind is about to blow, I think to just gave up on him and try to find any other sources to learn it.

thats what I hate about experts, they forget how empty mind works, I have dozens of questions after every damn video. and instead of answers I get more questions. they explain

can anyone suggest any other source? where I would have goal, and I will know whatever each code does exactly, where I will be able to think and understand. English is not my native language, so I become more tired after focusing on video lessons. I need to listen, then translate, then understand what that means, use dictionary sometime when I cant get what he said. and I NEED TO do that on his chit chat. I need lessons were I will listen 5 min of only teaching focused lessons. and not 5 min teaching with +4min extra chitchat, that extra 4min makes me 2x more tired. because I need to make sure that it is just useless talk, and I am tired of this shit.

I know useless question, but I feel little more relaxed after writing that.

u know what? if u cant understand what I am asking, I dont know either, I am just confused, if I knew what I couldnt understand I would ask exact question. but I dont even know what I couldnt understand. or if I understood something, maybe I thought I understood but I was wrong? or maybe I really understood but I am just thinking that there was something else which I couldnt understand? which doesnt even exist? imagine urself at my place.

btw Nick was not perfect, he had his cons, and I used around 10min different source lessons to understand some things, but with Nick's lesson I just created and changed website by my own, where I didnt need to use google, I was caming up with commands by myself and writing them without checking if they were correct, I just knew how it worked and I knew what kind of command how would be written. and I was right almost every time. I mean I understand basics and I got General Idea WITH Nick, I had fun while learning, but with Craig I really suffer.

fuf, with this I can continue watching videos now, that was killing me. good luck me!

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
229,582 Points

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3 Answers

Hey Shavlego, The fact that you're so worked up tells me this is important to you and you really want to get it! I hear your frustration and I just want you to know that being confused and frustrated is normal and part of programming. As a developer, you will be asked to do things all the time that you have no idea how to do and you will spend a good amount of time Googling and reading documentation. If you're not doing that, I would say you're not being a good programmer.

English not being your first language makes it harder, and I wonder if written material would be easier for you than video. Besides the resources Steven recommends, I want to recommend this free online book, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. It is excellent and really helpful. http://interactivepython.org/courselib/static/thinkcspy/index.html

I think the Treehouse courses are wonderful (and I loved Kenneth's courses), but you shouldn't limit yourself to one resource or method of learning. Best of luck to you!

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
229,582 Points

Not every student's learning style will be a perfect match for every teacher's teaching style. But there are several different teachers, and you will find many of the Python courses are still by former teacher Kenneth Love, who is a favorite of many students.

You might benefit from some of the answers in this post titled The Wall, and you may also enjoy this episode of The Treehouse Show that features it and discusses learning challenges and remedies.

There is also a bonus series on How To Learn that you may find helpful.

Zeeshan Fujimoto
Zeeshan Fujimoto
313 Points

Few years back then, when i was in the same situation studying towards MY CCNA, CCNP on Pure Network's site, tried so many different courses/resources , had so many fraustrations at the begaining and so much on my plate at that time But, Trust me brother Every thing comes with a Price AND Until NO PAIN NO GAIN! and most important is " YOU DONT GIVE UP On what you have started" and thats what i did >> I have worked and studied hard over the last 3 years , read many books , signed up many courses went for them and today, I m working as a Senior Network Engineer, that being said recent Market demand requires most of the networks engineers to know atleast advance level of python, which will def will help you with your career as well. Last year i came accross treehouse , when they were promoting their website all over the youtube, And plus some of my proffessional devloper mate also support TREEHOUSE, So i decided to JOIN RECENTlY, i might be a bit to late to join Treehouse, but m glad, i have done it ! English is NOT my native language and at start i have also had some up's and downs with first few lectures , but i keept going back and forth through those lectures , and I had to admit Craig is done some INCREDIBLE JOB there to breakdown fundamentals of python! without that chit chat a person like me wont learn a single thing, Variable defination >>like labels , I have never done coding in my entire life but i aim to become a proffessional in python! AND most important thing my friend " YOU HAVE GOT TO ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Hope to see some more upcoming lectures from Craig! AND all the best to YOU Brother.