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Trajce Nastevski
Trajce Nastevski
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Are variables defined in the parameters of the function?

In trying to understand this lesson I noticed that when the functions print and printList are defined the parameters in them are not previously mentioned. I thought that the initial parameters of the function are a variable that needs to be previously defined. Can you please share if I got something wrong here.

Eg. the message parameter is not previously defined anywhere in the code.

function print(message) { document.write(message); }

I probably misunderstood something here, can you help me out with this?

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Parameters are declared when they are named in the function definition. For example:

function print(message) {  // <-- this declares "message" for use inside the function body

If a previously declared variable by the name "message" exists, the parameter will "shadow" it (make it not accessible) inside the function.

Aayush Mitra
Aayush Mitra
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Hey Trajce! I agree with my friend Steven.

In the parameters of a function you state the name of a variable that you will use in the rest of your function.

function print(message) {}

But this variable is not supposed to be defined earlier in the code. This variable is defined when you call the function:

print("Hello World!");

I hope this helps you out!