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Assigning value of 17 to a property of an object

This task has two parts. First: PalprimeChecker objects have a property called number; assign that property on your $checker object a value of 17. Second: Remove the two hash signs (##) in the first echo statement and instead concatenate the value of this number property. (Be sure to preserve the space after the two hash signs by concatenating a space after the number.)

Tried the below code but doesnt work



$checker = new PalprimeChecker;

$checker -> number(17);

echo "The number" . " " . $checker;
echo "(is|is not)";
echo " a palprime.";


1 Answer

Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty
Pro Student 16,614 Points


Try this code.

$checker -> number = 17;

echo "The number" . " " . $checker->number;


Thanks Bob