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iOS Build an Interactive Story App with Swift Creating a Story Story Segments as Enum Members

attached story segment results in "use of unresolved identifier self"

the code snippet for the story results in the compiler error:

"use of unresolved identifier self"

its canned code so im not sure whats wrong?

var text: String { switch self { case .returnTrip: return "On your return trip from studying Saturn's rings, you hear a distress signal that seems to be coming from the surface of Mars. It's strange because there hasn't been a colony there in years. \"Help me, you're my only hope.\"" case .touchDown: return "You deftly land your ship near where the distress signal originated. You didn't notice anything strange on your fly-by, behind you is an abandoned rover from the early 21st century and a small crate." case .homeward: return "You continue your course to Earth. Two days later, you receive a transmission from HQ saing that they have detected some sort of anomaly on the surface of Mars near an abandoned rover. They ask you to investigate, but ultimately the decision is yours because your mission has already run much longer than planned and supplies are low." case .rover: return "The rover is covered in dust and most of the solar panels are broken. But you are quite surprised to see the on-board system booted up and running. In fact, there is a message on the screen. \"Come to 28.2342, -81.08273\". These coordinates aren't far but you don't know if your oxygen will last there and back." case .cave: return "Your EVA suit is equipped with a headlamp which you use to navigate to a cave. After searching for a while your oxygen levels are starting to get pretty low. You know you should go refill your tank, but there's a faint light up ahead." case .crate: return "Unlike everything else around you the crate seems new and...alien. As you examine the create you notice something glinting on the ground beside it. Aha, a key! It must be for the crate..." case .monster: return "You pick up the key and try to unlock the crate, but the key breaks off in the keyhole.You scream out in frustration! Your scream alerts a creature that captures you and takes you away..." case .droid: return "After a long walk slightly uphill, you end up at the top of a small crater. You look around and are overjoyed to see your robot friend, Droid-S1124. It had been lost on a previous mission to Mars. You take it back to your ship and fly back to Earth." case .home: return "You arrive home on Earth. While your mission was a success, you forever wonder what was sending that signal. Perhaps a future mission will be able to investigate." } }

13,273 Points

Hi Edward could you please refactor you code so that we can help you.

1 Answer

Chris Stromberg
Chris Stromberg
Courses Plus Student 13,389 Points

From what you have posted you're making a reference call to self in your switch statement but to what self does this refer to!?

In the video Pasan creates an enum of type Story. Next he provides an extension of Story. Within that extension of story, is where your code should be placed.

If you have provided the Story enum and the extension of Story, check your placement of { } brackets.