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Tomáš Komprs
Tomáš Komprs
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Best Approach in real life?

Hi, I'm interested How would we or I create an app from scratch? Here is nice we add some code and classes and everything looks nice. But If I start from scratch What Is the best way to build an app? In short Write first code and than Css? Or Write some code like for a Header and then a little bit of CSS?

Please, Can someone explain to me how this work in everyday life? And tell me some examples what is the best/good way?

Cheo R
Cheo R
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Depending what I'm working on, I tend to either do a quick sketch of what something should look like (e.g. site) or have a checklist of functionality it should have.

Andrew Chalkley mentions that in some course (forget which) and it's been working for me.

Then I do an iterative approach to building parts.

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The best approach is to have a vision of how you want the project to look and who is it targeting, Creating wire-frames allow you create basic sketches that give you a foundation to build on. My suggestion is write your html code first structure everything semantically and then write your css code.