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Michelle Rosenstock
Michelle Rosenstock
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Best Laptop for Coding Professionally

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me with figuring out the best laptop to purchase if I'm looking to become a professional developer. Been teaching myself to code for a few years now on an HP. Currently, I've studied C++, Java, and C#. I've mainly used this site as well as an excellent one called Sololearn (it's an app,too). aside from practicing, I need better equipment.

I've been researching different laptops. There seem to be as many opinions as existing machines. I'd like to upgrade to a higher quality machine. One should have better processing power (i7), long battery life (8++ hours), excellent graphics, user-friendly, 3 to 5 lbs, good cooling, back-lit keys, good ports, anything else you think of that might be useful. I also need it to allow me the flexibility to work on different types of IDEs, apps, and allowing use/downloading with no interference.

I've heard that Mac has better security than PC, but that there are a lot of restrictions on what can be downloaded on a MAC. Is this true? Is it also true that Mac charges if you need to download additional applications?

Which is better Mac or PC?

Should I get a gaming laptop? a premium one? Another kind of laptop I haven't thought of?

any other specs I haven't mentioned here that are important?