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'bin' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file ---- ?

I noticed there were separate commands for windows and mac in the first video - in this video there are only one set of instructions. This leaves users of the non-catered OS left for dead. There should at least be a note about this below the video. Thanks for any help!

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Trevor J
Trevor J
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You will also see in the first video there is a note that says.

An important detail for Windows users: Anywhere in the upcoming courses that you see me type bin/rails, or bin/ followed by any other command, you need to change the command a little bit so that it works on your system. Just replace the bin/ with ruby bin. You need to do this because, unlike Macs and Linux machines, Windows can't run Ruby scripts directly by default; they have to be run through the "ruby" command.

Ah I don't usually read the the material beneath. So it was my own lack of attention to detail. Thank you!