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Blue treehouse workshop screen

Hi, im currently doing workshops with codes and im trying to get the blue screen that the educator is using, at the moment I am having to copy and paste all my codes into a regular google console using Ctrl, Shift, J, but i want to be able to use it within team treehouse. Reason being that I cant see the full syntax go through with google because it says there is an error with the line that has "BOOM" (im currently on the second coding practice that has us make an alert code from 3...2...1...) how can i get that page so i can make sure im doing everything correctly?


Phillip Zoller
Phillip Zoller
Front End Web Development Techdegree Student 8,192 Points

Hi Jakarri,

I faced a similar problem for this exercise. I found that I needed to move the line calling the script from the head to just before the close of the body element. I think a similar issue was asked about in the questions for the previous video that gave me the suggestion to move where to place the script element. Please, let me know if this helped.

Thank you, Phil Zoller