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Booleans && || and something else

Hello, I find a bit hard to understand booleans, i mean should i supposed to know them in the first place or will they come to me in time? i know how to write a simple program with gets capitalize methods if else elsif etc.. the basics but booleans are harder .

3 Answers

Sreng Hong
Sreng Hong
15,083 Points

I think booleans is really important in programming. You should try to understand it. Use another resources from treehouse to learn it more (google). You can't write good condition (if/else) without having good knowledge of logical (booleans). It's my opinion. Good luck.

mm thank you, im using now codeacademy and i still cant quite get them how they works. ill try my hardest and try to learn them today if i will be able to fully understand them. If you can , could you write something about them short ?

O wow i read it all and i will do it . When i will finish memorizing them learning . Can i go and learn new stuff about ruby? the only think that stops me to go on next treehouse courses is that i dont understand fully booleans but since it will take a week, could i go throw courses and knowing i will learn stuff? What i did now i did ibasics and some other course that gained me like 650 ruby points and i practiced them and now im used to them so i decided to move on . (apart from booleans && , || and i do get ! .

i get it! :D it preety simple as in and && true and true equl true and a other false so in || or only false and false equl fase and rest of it is true so when we go in ! it makes like if !true && true = false because of the ! that maked then reverse as on true && true = true . Im right? i hope sorry for english ;/

Yes, you will certainly use booleans often, || your program will be full of cluttered nested if statements. There will undoubtedly be times where you want to check multiple conditions in order for some code to execute.

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor
3,059 Points

The simple way to explain && and || is when using && (and), both conditions must equal true. When using || (or), only one condition has to equal true.

yes ! i remember from maths the equal u know + x + = + etc.. :D and this version is easier , now i get it :D thank you you all