JavaScript jQuery Basics Understanding jQuery Events and DOM Traversal Adding New Elements to the DOM

Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins
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Brain fart! Need serious help!!!!!!

Tried everything, what on earth am I missing??? So frustrated!

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <h2>Student List</h2>

    <ul class="student-list">
        <li>James McAvoy</li>
        <li>Alena Holligan</li>
        <li>Wade Christensen</li>
        <li>Matt Krzyzynski</li>

    <script src="app.js"></script>
//var = $newStudent;
const $newStudent = $('<li>Sam Smith</li>')
//var $newStudent = $("<li>Sam Smith</li>").append(".student-list");
var $newStudent $('.student-list').append('<li>Sam Smith</li>');
Adam Doe
Adam Doe
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Remove the quotes where you are appending $newStudent.

1 Answer

As Adam mentioned, you're passing in a string to the append method. jQuery will see that as the literal string of "$newStudent" instead of as a variable.

Just remove the quotes:

const $newStudent = $('<li>Sam Smith</li>')

and you're good.