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Nelson J
Nelson J
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Build a Quiz Challenge, Part 1 Solution FEEDBACK/Help.

I think I did pretty good with the quiz except that there is one problem. When questions are wrong, the numbering doesn't count properly. In the else (count + 1) won't work, it always print 1 before the wrong question. I've been at it for like 4 hours and I want to move on.

var questions = [
  ["How many states are in the USA?", "50"],
  ["How many countries are in the world?", "195"],
  ["What is 2 + 2?", "4"]

var count = 0;
var userAnswer;
var numOfCorrectAnswers;
var rightQuestions = "";
var wrongQuestions = "";

for(var i = 0; i < questions.length; i++){

  userAnswer = prompt(questions[i][0]);

    rightQuestions += "<br>" + (count + 1) + " " + questions[i][0];
  } else {
    wrongQuestions += "<br>" + (count + 1) + " " + questions[i][0];


numOfCorrectAnswers = print("You got " + count + " question(s) right."); 

function print(numOfCorrectAnswers) {
  document.write(numOfCorrectAnswers + "<br><br>");
  document.write("<strong>You got these questions correct:</strong> <br><br>");
  document.write(rightQuestions + "<br><br>");
  document.write("<strong>You got these questions wrong:</strong> <br><br>");

2 Answers

I would suggest adding another variable, call it whatever, as long as it distinguishes the right questions from the wrong. For e.g.,

var count = 0; //you can change the variable name to goodCount to be more descriptive if you like.
var badCount = 0;

then you can accumulate badCount on your else statement, and also make sure to change the variable inside your parentheses.

  } else {
    wrongQuestions += "<br>" + (badCount + 1) + " " + questions[i][0];

I feel like there's a more efficient way of doing this so I'm going to leave this as an alternative for you.

Nelson J
Nelson J
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Thank you that's what I was missing. I am sure there is a more efficient way but I would like to move on and play around with code, I feel like the more I practice the better I learn, like practice with newer problems. I saw the solutions after doing this and the author is clearly a lot more experienced than me that his solution is very concise. Thanks again.

Siddharth Pande
Siddharth Pande
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function print(message) {

var questArray = [
  ["Which gas helps in burning?","OXYGEN"],
  ["Who is the incumbent Prime Minister of India?","NARENDRA MODI"],
  ["Which state is the Capital of India?","DELHI"]

//All the main code is in this function:
function quiz (array) { //array is a parameter where argument will be passed.
  var finalHtml = "<p>" //To produce the Html code

  /*To make the 
  wrong answer Html Code*/
  var wrongStr = "<h4>You got these questions wrong: </h4><ol>" 

  var correctAnswer = 0; // Counter for number of correct guesses

  // To Make the correct Answer Html Code
  var correctStr = "<h4> You got these questions correct: </h4><ol>";

  //Engine(loop) where questions are asked and answers are 
//compared by iterating through the loop and using a decision making if statement.
  for(i=0; i < array.length; i += 1) {
    var guess = prompt(array[i][0]);
    if (guess.toUpperCase() === array[i][1]) {
      correctAnswer += 1;
      correctStr += "<li>" + array[i][0] + "</li>"
    } else {
      wrongStr += "<li>" + array[i][0] +"</li>"  

  //completing the Html code 
  finalHtml += "You got " + correctAnswer + 
  " question(s) right. </p> </br>" +
  correctStr + "</ol> </br>" + wrongStr + "</ol>"; 

  //Printing the final Html code on the document

quiz(questArray); //Run the Program