Android Build an Interactive Story App The Model-View-Presenter Pattern Creating a Data Model

build an interactive story app....challenge 4 of 4 ...finally add the setter
public class Spaceship {

    public String shipType;

    public String getShipType() { 
        return shipType;

     public void setType(String type) {
     ShipType = mShiptype; 

1 Answer

Hi Michael,

You want to set the value of shipType to be the same value as the parameter you have passed into the setter. That's called type. So, inside your setter should read shipType = type; (watch for correct capitalisation too)

Lastly, this is the method that sets shipType - watch what you've called it - the convention is to camel case set with the variable name, so that would be setShipType and I expect that the challenge is expecting the method to be called that.

Make sense?


thanks alot worked!