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JavaScript JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects Tracking Data Using Objects The Build an Object Challenge, Part 2 Solution

Build an Object Challenge Part 2, not working :(

Ok, so i tried to make this challenge on my own pc. I have my .html, and my 2 .js files, one for the students array and another for the code to print that data to the webpage. Didn't work and after testing and testing i've come to the conclusion that my data structure is wrong somehow, because when i copy and paste the one given in the course it works. The only difference i see is that Dave's array has the 'achievements' and 'points' properties for the 1st object as numbers, and the rest of the objects have them as strings. I don't get why since I understood these two pieces should always be numbers. So i don't know exactly what is wrong. I hope I made myself clear :/

This is Dave's array:

var students = [ 
   name: 'Dave',
    track: 'Front End Development',
    achievements: 158,
    points: 14730
    name: 'Jody',
    track: 'iOS Development with Swift',
    achievements: '175',
    points: '16375'
    name: 'Jordan',
    track: 'PHP Development',
    achievements: '55',
    points: '2025'
    name: 'John',
    track: 'Learn WordPress',
    achievements: '40',
    points: '1950'
    name: 'Trish',
    track: 'Rails Development',
    achievements: '5',
    points: '350'

This is my array:

var students = [
    name: 'Edgar',
    track: 'iOS Development';
    achievements: 5,
    points: 3016  

    name: 'Dory',
    track: 'Design';
    achievements: 2,
    points: 516

    name: 'Lucy',
    track: 'Web Development';
    achievements: 7,
    points: 4623

    name: 'Jason',
    track: 'Javascript';
    achievements: 6,
    points: 1093

    name: 'Morris',
    track: 'Ruby';
    achievements: 10,
    points: 6546

Thanks again guys!

4 Answers

Yeah you have a semicolon after some of your object properties.

REMEMBER: if you ask a question online and then find the answer- don't just say 'I figured it out', say what you learned so you can help the next person.

Cosimo Scarpa
Cosimo Scarpa
14,047 Points

This is my solution with some explanation.

If you want to see how the code work.


var message = ""; // A an empty variable that we will fill up after with the loop.
var student;

// Array with objects.
var students = [
    name : "David",
    track: "Front End Developer",
    point: 10342,
  }, // Any Object need to be separate by a comma.
    name : "Luis",
    track: "Web Designer",
    point: 1299,
    name : "Aragon",
    track: "iOS Developer",
    point: 6123,
    name : "Loren",
    track : "Back End Developer",
    point: 9001,

// standard function used for print.
function print(message) {
  var outputDiv = document.getElementById("output");
  outputDiv.innerHTML = message;

// With this loop you will call any object in the array.
for ( var i = 0; i < students.length; i++ ) {
  var student = students[i]; //This is just for create a shot solution for write student[0] and the others.
  message += "<strong><p>Name : " + student.name + ".</p></strong>"; // A message for any component of the object.
  message += "<p>Track : " + student.track + ".</p>";
  message += "<p>Points : " + student.point + ".</p>";
  message += "<br>"; // For make a little space between a student and another one.

print(message); // We are calling the function wrote above for print the text.

Nevermind already found the syntax error. -_- In any case the question would be: What syntax checking online service or something like that do you recommend?


Alright, thnx Colin, i'll check them out!