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iOS Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift 2.0 Getting Started with iOS Development Swift Recap Part 1

Chris Konopasek
Chris Konopasek
3,596 Points

Building a Simple iPhone App with Swift 2.0 - Swift Recap Part 1 - Answer

I'm having trouble completing this challenge. The code I've created works in a playground, but will not compile when I paste it in. Where is my problem?

Here is the code I'm using:

struct Tag {
    let name: String

struct Post {
    let title: String
    let author: String
    let tag: Tag

    init(title: String, author: String, one: String) {
        self.title = title
        self.author = author
        self.tag = Tag(name: one)

    func description() -> String {
        return "\(title) by \(author). Filed under \(tag.name)"

let firstPost = Post(title: "Book", author: "me", one: "my books")
let postDescription = firstPost.description()

3 Answers

the description method goes inside the post struct:

struct Tag { let name: String }

struct Post { let title: String let author: String let tag: Tag

func description() -> String {
    return("\(title) by \(author). Filed under \(tag.name)")


let firstPost = Post(title: "Confidential", author: "Classified", tag: Tag(name: "MY52F7G98NB"))

let postDescription = firstPost.description()

also the let tag = Tag doesn't need the associated value, just use name in the parentheses in the function

So does this to my knowledge is kinda crazy actually haven't seen this yet. so i am very excited. it is a chain construct which may print out any value, or chain of values with an enum createing a network with in the struct, a struct within a struct. The

name: String 

is a parameter called by the

tag(name: one)

it is funy how another struct tag is being used to call a parameter acting as an extension name:one:string but then the property value of self is not being called on itself like with self.title = title, or self.author = author. instead the property value is another struct. very interesting. so

self.tag = Tag(name: one)

maybe an enum can be pluged into the parameter one: String? or maybe a separate function together.

enum Coin: Int {
    enum Coin: Int{
        case Penny = 1, Nickel = 5, Dime = 10, Quarter = 25
        self = .Quarter

    init(_ Money: Int) {     // _ : Intthis is great the code does actually work and all
        let con: Int = Money.self   // this is a code that works but I want to return default parameter even if text is entered
        //let con = Coin.Penny    so these two things return penny every time and Coin.Int maybe I can put that in there later for my alter techno ego

        switch con{
        //switch con.rawValue     so these two things return penny every time
            case 1:
                self = .Penny
            case 5:
                self = .Nickel
            case 10:
                self = .Dime
            case 25:
                self = .Quarter
               self = .Quarter

     func num(anum: Int) -> Int {
        let anum: Int = 0   // this code doesn't work when I print(Coin.init(num(2)) so idunno                    
        return anum

     func isGreater(currentValue: Coin, newValue: Coin) -> Bool {
         return currentValue.rawValue > newValue.rawValue
     // isGreater.self


maybe if I add this code in the init section with yours and merge it we can get enums running through there because I doubt you want to do that one: string over and over again. maybe if you look at this example it can help you?