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JavaScript Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript Traversing and Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript Perform: Traversing Elements with querySelector

building my own Interactive web pages with JS need help

here its the code that I ve been written

<div class="col-lg-8 col-lg-offset-2">

                      <ul >
                        <li>User name  Email  Phone Zip Code <button  id="delbtn" class="delete btn btn-primary">DELETE</button></li>
                        <li>User name  Email  Phone Zip Code <button  id="delbtn" class="delete btn btn-primary">DELETE</button></li>
                    <form id="defaultForm" method="post"  class="form-horizontal">
                           <legend>VALID FORM</legend>

                            <div class="form-group">
                                <label class="col-lg-3 control-label">Username</label>
                                <div class="col-lg-5">
                                    <input  id="new-name"  type="text" class="form-control" name="username" />

                            <div class="form-group">
                                <label class="col-lg-3 control-label">Email address</label>
                                <div class="col-lg-5">
                                    <input  id="new-email"  type="text" class="form-control" name="email" />

                            <div class="form-group">
                                <label class="col-lg-3 control-label">Phone number</label>
                                <div class="col-lg-5">
                                    <input  id="new-phone" type="text" class="form-control" name="phoneNumber" />

                            <div class="form-group">
                                <label class="col-lg-3 control-label">Zip code</label>
                                <div class="col-lg-3">
                                    <input  id="new-zip" type="text" class="form-control" name="zipCode" />

                        <div class="form-group">
                            <div class="col-lg-9 col-lg-offset-3">
                                <button id="addbtn" type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Add to list</button>

            <!-- :form -->
             <!-- form: -->

     var nameInput = document.getElementById('new-name');
    var emailInput = document.getElementById('new-email');
    var phoneInput = document.getElementById('new-phone');
    var zipInput = document.getElementById('new-zip');
    var addButton= document.getElementById("addbtn");
    var deleteButton = document.getElementById("delbtn");

     // add a new task
     var addTask = function (){ 
    console.log("add task");
     //when the button is press /create a new line with /new-   email/new-zip/buton delete 

      //delete task
      var deleteTask= function() {
    console.log("delete Task");
        // when button is presses//remove line

     var bindTaskEvents = function(taskListItem,                     currentTaskHolder){
    console.log("bindTaskEvents to list Task");
    //select its item 
              // var name =                 taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete")
                        / var email = taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete")
             // var phone =                          taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete")
             // var zipUser =taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete")
              var deleteButton = taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete");
    //bind deleteTask to delete button
    deleteButton.onclick = deleteTask;
          addButton.onclick= addTask;
         // cycle over current task holder ul list items
         for (var i = 0; i < currentTaskHolder.children.length; i++) {
        // bind all  to list item children

get the following errors Uncaught ReferenceError: currentTaskHolder is not defined(anonymous function) @ app2.js:37 index.htm:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

2 Answers

Colin Bell
Colin Bell
29,679 Points

You don't have / var email = taskListItem.querySelector("button.delete") line commented out properly. You only have one forward slash instead of two.

Also, you haven't defined currentTaskHolder but you're using it in your for loop.

yes .. I ve worked a bit at code and now I have . I CAN T FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE WORK CREATE BUTON AND DELETE BUTON .

<html><head> <title> newTodo App</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen" charset="utf-8">    

</head> <body> <div class="container"> <p> <label for="new-task">Add Item</label><input id="new-task" type="text"><button>Add</button> </p>

  <ul id="current-tasks">
    <li><label> Learn </label><button class="delete">Delete</button></li>
    <li><label>Read</label><button class="delete">Delete</button></li>


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/app.js"></script>


<SCRIPT> var taskInput = document.getElementById("new-task"); //new-task var addButton = document.getElementsByTagName("button")[0]; //first button var cTasksHolder = document.getElementById("current-tasks"); //current-tasks var delButton= document.getElementsByClassName("delete");

    //Add a new task
    var addTask = function() {
      console.log("Add task...");
      //When the button is pressed
      //Create a new list item with the text from #new-task:
      //input (checkbox)
        //Each elements, needs modified and appended

    //Delete an existing task
    var deleteTask = function() {
      console.log("Delete task...");
      //When the Delete button is pressed
        //Remove the parent list item from the ul

    //Set the click handler to the addTask function
    addButton.onclick = addTask;
    delButton.onclick = deleteTask;

    //cycle cTasksHolder ul list 
     //for Each list item
         // select its childern 
         //bind deleteTask to delete button 

    //var cTasksHolderChildren = cTasksHolder.children;
    for (var i = 0; i < cTasksHolder.children.length; i++) {
        // NOTE: elementChildren is a live list, adding or removing children from pEl
        // will change the members of elementChildren immediately