PHP Build a Basic PHP Website (2018) Listing and Sorting Inventory Items Introducing Arrays

Aananya Vyas
Aananya Vyas
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Bummer!: says we dont see ACME in th eoutput

$letters = ["A","C","M", "E"];

echo "Today's challenge is brought to you by the ";
echo count($letters);
echo ' letters: ';
foreach ($letter as $letters) {
  echo $letters;
echo ".";


2 Answers

Felice Forby
Felice Forby
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It looks like you have the variables in your foreach statement backwards. Should something like:

foreach ($name_of_array as $item_in_array) {
  // Do something with $item_in_array;

$name_of_array is the original array, and $item_in_array is the variable name you make up yourself to represent each item to iterate through.