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Ankit Biswas
Ankit Biswas
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eclare a variable named firstName and initialize it to the string returned from a call to Console.ReadLine()?


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Dave Harker
Dave Harker
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Hi Ankit Biswas,

Generally people give a challenge a fair go, then if stuck they ask for help. I'm not sure what you're asking for.

  • Have you tried the challenge at all? If so, what did you try so far?
  • Are you just looking for someone to provide the challenge answers?

Please let us know which of the following best describes your desired outcome:

  1. I tried and here's my code; where is the mistake and why?
  2. I'm entirely unsure, please give me the answer and explain it
  3. I don't want to try it! Just give me the challenge answers

Look forward to hearing back from you :smile:
Dave :dizzy: