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Matthew De-Veale Cutts
Matthew De-Veale Cutts
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C# Track replaced the C# Basics Course with this one. Whats the difference?

Hello. I'm in the middle of the C# Beginner track, and they replaced the previous C# Basics section with this one and I have a few questions surrounding this.

Firstly, as I already did the old version, is it worth doing this one? Will I benefit from it at all/

Why did the track send me back to the beginning even though I'd completed a C# Basics Already?

Are all of the courses within the track going to be replaced? If so is it worth waiting?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Courses that don't get retired are updated ("refreshed") from time to time, usually to remove obsolete references, include newer features and syntax, and/or to break long courses up into smaller (and more focused) ones.

My suggestion is to use the update as a review opportunity. Zip through doing only the quizzes and challenges and if you find any of them difficult, watch the associated video. Otherwise, it won't take long to do them all and then the track should go back to keeping up with your progress.