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NJ Lama
NJ Lama
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Call the printf method on the console object and make it write out "<YOUR NAME> can code in Java!"

// I have setup a object for you named console
String firstName = "Sundar";
printf(firstName+"can code in java!");

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Justin Horner
Justin Horner
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Hello Aakar,

Since the printf method is a member of console object (, you will need to call the method from the console object provided.

The benefit of the printf method is being able to provide a format as the first argument and the variables you wish to use as the other arguments. In this case, you don't need to concatenate the string, instead, you'll want to use a format with %s as the placeholder for your first name.

Here's an example

console.printf("%s loves Java!", firstName);

I hope this helps