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Call the printf method on the console object and make it write out "<YOUR NAME> can code in Java!"

i want the solve of it
// I have setup a object for you named console
String firstName= "your name";

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The challenge tasks are walking you through printing with a variable. For task 2 you literally print "<YOUR NAME> can code in Java!". Exactly as you see it. You are printing "firstName"

thnq so much

Milos Ribera
Milos Ribera
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Hi! I think that you have to call Console object as it mentioned, exactly printf method of it. So you probably have to write like this:

String firstName = "YourName";

console.printf(firstName + " can code in Java!");

Mind that printf method accepts String so you can easily add firstName variable just adding into it, but remember the white space of the next String, otherwise the will be attached. Hope it will help you